Seller Fees Waived Through 2019!


UBA stands for Uniquely Better Auctions.  The central-Pennsylvania based company came into existence in 2017; however, we really didn’t get serious until 2019.  UBA was formed by Tony, Hung, and Scott, but they quickly realized they needed a bit more expertise on the web-building and advertisement sides of things, so Dave and Barb joined the group late 2018.  UBA strives to create an auction experience that caters to both the Buyer and the Seller.  Through our belief in excellent customer service, our reliable and knowledgeable staff, and our commitment to ALWAYS offer unique Auction Events packed with all sorts of items sure to pique the interests of a wide-range of Buyers, the staff at UBA believes we will form long-lasting relationships with all our clients.

We are a company on a mission.  Whether you are a Buyer, a Seller, or both, you will find that there are fees associated with Buying and Selling with UBA.  These fees go to cover the costs of staffing, web design, warehouse storage fees, fuel, and other expenses.  We also believe in giving back, and the staff of UBA have chosen several different missions near and dear to them.  After expenses are paid, a percentage of each Auction Event goes directly to missions work.  For a breakdown of our staffs’ Mission of Choice (MoC), check out their bios.