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Meet the Staff

Tony Rose:  First in Command

Tony is originally from Enola, Pennsylvania, and yes, if you spell Enola backwards, it spells A-L-O-N-E.  But “alone” is not how Tony would describe himself.  Married for over a quarter century and a father to four VERY different, VERY awesome kids, Tony rarely finds himself alone.  A fifth grade teacher for fifteen years, Tony received his Master’s Degree in Education from East Stroudsburg University in 1998 and used it for over a decade until he decided to resign from teaching.  He traded in his chalk for church in 2010 when he took the position of Lay Mobilizer (no, it’s not French for “mover and shaker”) and Community Outreach Coordinator at Gravel Hill UMC in Palmyra, PA, a position he continues to hold today.

Tony loves to write and is the proud owner of a self-published book entitled Doug McClowski & The Chinese Buffet:  A Year of the Dragon Trilogy.  In fact, he might be the ONLY owner of his book!  Of course, four kids and a job change later, and now the President of UBA, Tony has yet to complete Books 2 and 3 of the Trilogy but promises someday to do so.

Tony is a history buff and is currently co-writing a historical fiction novel about the Lincoln Assassination entitled Gashes on the Face of Heaven.  Tony also plays the drums for his church’s Praise Team and has finally given up the dream of replacing Tommy Lee as Motley Crue’s drummer.

PASSION:  Family, Football, Writing, and Drumming

MoC:  Wounded Warrior & local ministry opportunities


Hung Nguyen:  Co-Second in Command & Secretary

Hung came to America as part of the boat people who fled Viet Nam in the mid-1970s.  His family came into Fort Indiantown Gap, then settled in Mechanicsburg to live and to build the American dream, culminating his residency as an American citizen in 1985.

With a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University, Hung began his creative career as a Pre-Press Technician at a major print production company, handling local and national clientele. After a move to an advertising agency he quickly rose through the ranks from Production Manager, Art Director to Creative Director.

Hung came to Triple Strength in the mid-1990s, the first full-time employee for the company. Through hard work, dedication, technical know-how, and creative experience through the years, Hung earned partnership status in 2005. Although he recently sold Triple Strength, he continues to work full-time as a web designer, spearheading technical development projects for clients large and small.

PASSION:  Family (Wife and 2 children), Golf, Music, and Movies

MoC: Caring Cupboard

Scott Werkheiser:  Co-Second in Command, Treasurer, and COL

Scott is a native Pennsylvanian who grew up in the Pocono Mountains.  Scott move to South-central Pennsylvania in 1990 to attend Penn State University in Middletown, Pennsylvania and has called South-central PA home ever since.

With a BS in Environmental Engineering from Penn State University, Scott  began his career as an engineer for the PA Department of Environmental Protection. After working for the state for 10 years Scott worked as the Environmental Manager for several industries in the Harrisburg and Lancaster areas.

In 2006, Scott founded and continues to operate Green Commercial Cleaning, a full-service commercial cleaning provider. Through hard work, dedication, and technical know-how, Scott grew his company from a single worker to 12 employees. He hopes to bring his start-up knowledge and technical expertise to UB Auctions acting as the Chief of Operations and Logistics.

PASSION:  Family (Wife and 5 children), Golf and travel

MoC: Local First Responders

David Zimmerman:  Nerd, Hoarder, Web Developer

David “Zim” Zimmerman is a nerd and full stack web developer. David moved frequently while growing up, everywhere from the midwestern US to Europe, and finally landed in South-central Pennsylvania. He now lives with his wife, two kids, two cats, and computers.

David co-founded & still works for MIND Development & Design, a website design & development company. He tries to make sure the UBA website doesn’t explode in the fury of a thousand clicks.

PASSION: Family, Technology, Miscellaneous Junk

MoC: We Agape You, Employment and Housing Services for Veterans and Needy