Seller Fees Waived Through 2019!

The Burden of Bidding

The Most Basic Bidder’s Responsibility:


At UBA we work very hard for both our Buyers and our Sellers.  Our reputation depends on the continuous positive buying and selling experiences from you, our customers.  We want your bidding experience to be easy, fun, and convenient.  We truly offer a uniquely better auctioning experience, and half of that comes from the thrill and excitement of bidding on items you want and gotta have!  Every week we list amazing Auction Events, each with its own unique inventory of great wares.  Bidders have the opportunity to find incredibly wonderful values on some pretty neat things.  This doesn’t happen by accident.  In order for you to bid we need to have items to sell.  In order to have items to sell, we need to be a company that is trusted by our potential clients.  That trust comes from you, the buyer.  We work hard to find ridiculously great Auctions so that our community of bidders always has a wealth of unique items on which to bid.  As a bidder you play an enormous role in the success of UBA.  Bidding is fun and invigorating; however, with bidding comes burdens.  Please keep the following in mind:

  • Bid on only the items you truly want and are interested in owning.
  • Follow through on your purchases. You can do this easily by making sure all payment information is current.  Remember, you will be charged immediately upon the close of the Auction Event on all items for which you are the highest bidder.  Please keep in mind that an additional 10% will be added to all purchases as part of our Buyer’s Premium.
  • Plan accordingly. Be sure you adhere to the Pick-Up Process.

Failure to adhere to any of the above listed responsibilities can lead to the forfeiture of your items, time, and money, and may lead to your termination as a bidder on UBA.



We want to make both our Buyers and Sellers happy.  There’s nothing worse than a Buyer who does not follow through on purchases, and that lack of responsibility and auction etiquette has a terrible ripple effect on our Sellers and other Buyers.  Termination as a Buyer is something we take seriously and will occur after two offenses.

FIRST OFFENSE:  Buyer’s bidding privileges will be temporarily suspended until infraction is resolved to the 100% satisfaction of the Seller and UBA Staff.

SECOND OFFENSE:  Buyer’s access to all UBA’s Auction Events will be terminated and registration will be fully revoked.  Buyer’s history will be archived in UBA’s database.