Seller Fees Waived Through 2019!

Buyer’s Premium

The Buyer’s Premium is a fairly commonplace Auctioning fee associated with large Auction Houses.  The Premium can range anywhere from 10%-30%.  At UBA, we charge a 10% Buyer’s Premium to each Auction Item’s hammer price.  This Premium occurs before any tax.  Because of the unpredictability of any Auction Event, the Buyer’s Premium allows UBA to cover the costs related to our line of business.  The Buyer’s Premium not only goes to pay the salaries of our employees, but it also helps to pay our electricity, fuel, warehouse rental, software, heating, cooling, advertising, marketing, set-ups, tear-downs, purchasing and upkeep of our equipment, clothing so we look presentable, travel expenses, etc, etc, etc…..At 10% Buyer’s Premium, UBA has one of the lowest Auction House Buyer’s Premium in the country!  Many of our competitors charge 15%-20% on top of the hammer price.  A percentage of the Buyer’s Premium also goes to each of our Staffs’ Mission of Choice (MoC).  Please check out our Meet the Staff page to learn more!