Seller Fees Waived Through 2019!

Pick-up Artists

Upon the Hammer Fall, Sellers will be notified immediately via email the results of their Auction Event, i.e. number of items sold & unsold, total profits, etc…  At the same time, all winning Bidders will be notified of their winning bids.  Dates and times for item removal will be listed under the Terms of Sale and Auction Details.  Prior to the commencement of the Auction Event, bidders are required to familiarize themselves with these details as failure to be available to pick-up their items during the allotted times may cause a Bidder to forfeit his/her winnings.  Upon completion of the Auction Event, all winning Bidders will be notified of the Pick-Up window via email and/or text.  The Seller will be notified, as well.  Invoices will be emailed. It is the sole responsibility of each winning Bidder to make arrangements to pick up his/her items during the allotted time slots.  A UBA Staff member and the Seller will be present during those times indicated to make sure all items are picked up.  Winning Bidders will need to supply their invoice as well as picture ID at time of pick-up.  Failure to provide either may result in forfeiture of items won.  Bidders must adhere to the following considerations:

  • You have the proper size vehicle
  • You have the proper amount of help
  • You have the proper tools if necessary
  • You allow yourself enough time to move and load up before the Pick-Up window closes
  • In some cases it is suggested but not required that professional movers are hired by the Buyer to remove larger items

As mentioned—but cannot be stressed enough!!—Bidders will be reminded to read the Terms of Sale and Auction Details of each Auction carefully as not adhering to the above listed Buyer Responsibilities may result in the forfeiture of their sale.   The Seller is not penalized for the irresponsibility of Buyers.  Once an Auction Event concludes, all monies are collected automatically by UBA and will be processed for the Seller.  Any disputes with Buyers will be the sole responsibility of our staff and not the Seller.

Please understand that, for insurance purposes, no UBA staff member or Seller is legally allowed to help move or load any items once they are purchased.  Buyer assumes all responsibility for items purchased during the removal process.  Any damages to purchased items and/or Seller property during the removal process that is caused by the negligence of the Buyer are the sole responsibility of the Buyer.  If a UBA staff member and/or the seller does not adhere to these requirements and damage is caused to purchased item(s) or Seller property and negligence is not to any degree associated with the Buyer, UBA will take action to settle the circumstance to the Buyer’s and/or Seller’s complete satisfaction.