Seller Fees Waived Through 2019!


Before any aspects of the Bidding Process can take place, Buyers will have the opportunity to Preview your Auction Event.  This builds momentum before your Auction goes live and allows UBA to maximize our marketing opportunities for your Auction Event. The Preview Period also gives the Bidder that old-school, traditional live Auction feel.  One to three days prior to an Auction Event going live, Registered Bidders will be permitted to visit the physical location of the Auction to inspect the items going up for bid.  Each Preview Period will be Event-specific and times will vary from day to day, so Bidders will need to familiarize themselves with Terms of Sale and Auction Details for each Auction Event—predetermined by you, the Seller, along with a member of UBA– in which they are interested.  A UBA Staff member along with the Seller will be present at the Preview location to help answer any questions Bidders may have.  This Preview Period will give Bidders the opportunity to more carefully examine all items and lots that will be up for bid.

Sellers may also choose to have their Auction Event open for an On-line Preview Period that will feature some but not all the items which will be available for bid once the Auction goes live.  On-line Previews are the exception, not the rule.