Seller Fees Waived Through 2019!

Seller Fees

UBA strives to make our fees flexible, affordable, and logical.  Like your fingerprint, your Auction Event will be unique to you, and because of that, our fees are determined on an auction-by-auction basis.  Fees are determined by many things, including but not limited to: the total value and number of your assets, the quality and condition of the assets to be sold, the contracted marketing time available, the time allotted for preview, sale, and removal, the location of the assets, and any special removal considerations. Our initial FREE evaluation meeting will provide us with enough information to give you an Auction Event recommendation and, therefore, an accurate quote.

Basic Fee Schedule…(So you have an idea of what to expect!):

$4 per item regardless of size.

$10 per bulked box up to 20 items in the box.

Again, this is a very basic Fee Schedule; however, potential Sellers can get an idea of what their costs will be prior to contacting UBA.